Physical -knee- simulator for arthroscopic surgery

  • Full manoeuvrability to all positions used in surgery
  • Meniscus resections, shaver surgery and cruciate ligament operations
  • Fluid simulation and modular design (easy material insertions)
  • Original instruments and video link
  • Full functional leg
  • Authentic imitation cartilage
  • Height-adjustable operating table

Arthroscopy options

  • Definition and documentation of quality attributes
  • Certification of service providers
  • Assessment tests
  • Systematic training of procedures based on predefined parameters:
  • „Narrow / wide“ knees + specific symptoms and clinical picture
  • Scope for objective verification of simulation results

Given the possibility of obtaining genuinely measurable results, this constitutes a quantum leap in basic and advanced training in arthroscopic surgery, extending all the way to the prospect of individual certification of the relevant doctors.

The developers

The directors of zwo3vier UG, doctor of medicine Ulrich Caspers (Dr. med.) and graduate sports instructor Stephan Caspers (Dipl. Sportlehrer), have spent many years developing the physical simulator for arthroscopic knee surgery which is singularly realistic – especially in terms of the look and surface haptics.

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